Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Year, New Bedroom

There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to start off the new year! Maybe it was that my bedroom was too much of a reminder of myself in high school, or maybe I've been watching too much HGTV, but whichever it was, I'd been itching to repaint and redecorate for a while. The second I stepped foot into my bedroom upon returning home for winter break, I knew it was time to change it up. The color, which was a dark magenta shade, just didn't feel like me anymore and made the room seem so dark and gloomy. Plus, it didn't help that everything else in the room was white and black- including black window valances that kept a lot of light from coming into the room. (What was I thinking when I put those up!?) So, I got to pinning some ideas of the look I wanted for my new room and quickly moved forward with picking out a new paint color and some new decor.
The color I chose is a light, dusty rose shade of pink. (It is called 'Bombay Pink' by Valspar) With a little help from my dad, we purchased the paint and got the entire room painted within two days. We had to apply two coats since the previous color was so dark, but changing the color to the lighter pink instantly brightened up the room! I had decided I wanted all of the decor and accent pieces to stay light and neutral. I ordered a set of white valances from Joss and Main, and found numerous decorative pieces at Homegoods. One of my favorite decorative pieces I found was a set of gray and gold canvases that resemble the pattern of the inside of agate stones. The neutral colors make the canvases subtle, but they act as a great statement that catches your eye when you first walk into the room. I finished the room off with a set of velvet throw pillows, a faux fur throw blanket, a gold geometric candle vase, and a fluffy area rug in front of the dresser. Lastly, I repainted and reupholstered the wooden chair that sits with my mannequin form.
I had originally picked up this cute little chair from a yard sale a couple years ago. It's paint was all chipped and it didn't even have a seat on it. I took it home, sanded it down a little bit and painted it to match my once magenta bedroom. I then made my own seat for it with a piece of wood that I cut to fit the chair, a piece of foam cushioning, some printed pink fabric, and a staple gun. Now, after repainting, the chair no longer matched the rest of the room, but I hated to see the chair go. I simply repainted the chair white to match the other furniture in my room, bought some new fabric, and recovered the seat cushion! Now it perfectly ties in with the rest of the new and improved room.
Not only does my room now feel like a better representation of myself, but I actually love spending time in there now. Before, the room felt cluttered and dark, but after some major cleaning out, and some more sophisticated and simplified decor, it is a calm, welcoming space to relax. This project was such a rejuvenating way to start off the new year!
I made a little video linked below to show the entire transformation from start to finish, including the remodel of my yard sale chair! Be sure to check it out and then keep reading to see a few pictures of the finished room! I hope you like it as much as I do!

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