Monday, October 12, 2015

The Perfect Palette

Fall is known as the most colorful time of year; the leaves change to warm hues of orange, yellow, and red, and bright orange pumpkins and shiny red apples are of abundance.  However, these aren't the only colorful things about fall. With each fall, comes new color trends, filling store windows and filling our closets. This fall, there are many new color palettes being displayed by trendy retailers all over the city. This season's color palettes include everything from jewel tones, to neutrals, pastels, and classic fall colors like burnt orange and red. There are so many ways to incorporate these colors into an outfit to create the perfect palette. Take a look below to see a few of my new favorite color combinations and for inspiration for how you can turn the color palettes into outfits that are perfect for these crisp fall days!

This first palette is made of rich blue and deep purple jewel tones. As you can see, this color palette was incorporated into this dress with the embroidery detail. When shopping for fall pieces, look for embellished, embroidered, or printed items.  This is an easy way to find popular color palettes for the season, and to incorporate them into your wardrobe, because you can achieve the palette with a single item rather than putting items together to achieve a palette yourself.

This is by far my favorite palette of the season.  I love how although there is contrast between the neutral, blush pink and camel color with the dark gray and blue, it is still a soft and simple palette.  It is the perfect palette for any minimalist. Here, we see the palette tweaked a little bit, where the dark blue was substituted for black. However, it still gives the same effect. The outfit is kept to minimal detail and incorporates different neutral tones. Using accessories, like her blush pink purse and scarf, is a great way to add a little extra detail to the simple outfit, while still sticking with the minimalist style.

This palette combines a pastel blue with classic fall tones like dark brown and beige. As shown in this outfit, a neutral colored, wool coat is a great staple piece for fall, that can be worn with many different color palettes.  Here, it is paired with a pastel blue dress and tall, dark brown, suede boots. The color-block purse ties the color palette together by incorporating both the dark brown and neutral tones. By wearing neutrals in all other aspects of the outfit, the pastel blue dress still pops even though it is a soft hue.

Here, we see a much more classic fall color palette. Because these are much brighter, saturated hues, it can be hard to put together an outfit around them.  As you can see in this outfit, the colors were incorporated through her accessories. Accessories are the perfect way to add just a little pop of color to a simple outfit like this one. The classic beige trench and jeans let the accessories achieve the desired color palette.

I hope these color palettes have inspired you to try new color combinations when updating your wardrobe this season! Happy Shopping!!

~ Outfits from Gal Meets Glam ~

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